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Prison Time, Restitution for Truly Terrible SoMa Landlords

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Kip Macy, 38, and his wife Nicole Macy, 37, are the landlords from hell. The couple bought an apartment building in SoMa in 2006, and decided to renovate and kick the tenants out. The tenants refused to leave, so the couple began terrorizing them to scare them away. (Including cutting floor joists and threatening to shoot them.) After being exposed and arrested in 2008, the husband and wife were charged with multiple felonies, including burglary, stalking and attempted grand theft. Then, just before their June 2010 court date, they fled the country. The Macys were eventually found in Milan and were extradited back to the U.S., where they pleaded guilty to multiple felonies. This week they were given over four years a piece in prison and ordered to pay restitution to the victims. "The facts and circumstances of this case are so egregious they rival that of a movie script," district attorney's office spokesman Alex Bastian said. And you thought your $40 late rent charge was bad.
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