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Mission Terrace Resident AJ Gonzalez Tells us About the 'Hood

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The People's Guide is Curbed SF's tour o' the nabes, lead by our most loyal readers, favorite bloggers, and other luminaries of our choosing. Have a piece to say? We'll be happy to hand over the megaphone. This time around, we welcome AJ Gonzalez.
Neighborhood: Mission Terrace

Tell us something we don't know about Mission Terrace: It's a quiet residential neighborhood of fully detached homes. Flanked by Balboa Park which was recently redone nicely and by Mission Street with dive bars and good dive-y restaurants.

Local customs of note: Morning custom: getting a mexican mocha at Cumaica. 2am custom: getting a super burrito from El Farolito.

Hidden gems in Mission Terrace: The Sam Special Sandwich at Roxie's Food Market. I've met locals from all over the bay area that come back to this small corner store for their sandwiches. Ike's who?

Are your neighbors "Rotten Neighbor" worthy? If so, dish. If not? well, why not? Only with parking. Parking while relatively easy is made difficult with aggressive neighbors that do not move their barely functioning cars more than once a week for street cleaning. You really do not need a car in my neighborhood. Unless you wanna jump on 280 to get to in-n-out. I might be bitter. In parking karma news, I did 'accidentally' block a driveway once and they just left me a nice but firmly worded letter.

Inflate the bubble or burst it: What's not-so-swell about your "perfect" neighborhood? There isn't a huge variety of food options. However, I do have a huge kitchen that I should utilize. (More space for the price.) Also, the distance to downtown or central SF is a little far, but really its close to both freeway on-ramps and express muni lines, so thats not really a problem for me.

The final word on Mission Terrace: It's a fairly diverse neighborhood with regular grocery stores like Safeway as well as better cost options like the Mexican produce markets & shops. It manages to seem quiet & small neighborhood-y, even with busy streets like Mission & Ocean running through it. I really love the separated but close feel of the neighborhood. And finally my favorite is watching the sun rise and set from my deck.
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