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An Ode to the Eighties for $2.9M in the Oakland Hills

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Rock walls and mirrored walls, shag carpet galore, brass hardware everywhere? all these odes to the eighties can be yours if you plunk down $2.9M for 5588 Fernhoff in the Oakland Hills. Brokerbabble tells us that this is an "iconic architectural master" that's "an example of FINE LIVING," so there's that. The property is fun: there's a tennis court, outdoor pool, big bar in the center of the open floor plan—there's also black carpeting in the master bathroom, and it covers the tub's elevated surround. The 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 5,008 square foot abode sits on 2.67 acres that overlook the Bay. It was designed and built in 1980 by Frank Lloyd Wright associate Aaron Green. The home had a brief stint on the market in mid-2011, and was eventually delisted without a sale.
· 5588 Fernhoff [Official website]