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Liveblogging the Who Designed That? Trivia Night at AIA SF

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Curbed will be on the scene for tonight's first annual Who Designed That? trivia event at the AIA (American Institute of Architects) SF office in the FiDi. The event is part of the month-long Architecture and the City festival. Teams of four to six design nerds will square off against each other in the categories of architecture, objects, art, fashion, and other (think planes and time pieces). Each team will ideally have at least one architect, interior designer, and other A&D industry expert represented. Showrooms and offices can sign up, but if you're flying solo you're welcome as well. The event starts at 6pm, and we'll be liveblogging the entire thing. Do stop by and say hello if you're in the house, or share your thoughts in the comments when we start the liveblog around 6pm. See you in less than two hours.

6:15pm: We're here and we know who the judges are: Betsy Burroughs from FocusCatalyst, Gail Gordon of Gail Gordon Design, architect Geraldine O'Brien, and Gary Zowada from Knoll.


6:21pm: We're being told that teams (there's 10) will be seated at 6:45 with a game start time soon after.

6:22pm: Stuff we can identify in the game's logo: FLW's Falling Water, Calder's mobile, Eiffel Tower, Eames lounge, some Warhol action, a Chanel suit, oh gosh they're starting.

6:27pm: Bill Worthen (FAIA, LEED AP, alphabet soup, etc) has the mic and is encouraging everyone to drink because the game's more fun that way.

6:30pm: The rules are being presented and the only one being challenged is the no smart phones policy. Boo. Hiss.

6:32pm: Audience participation isn't allowed so we'll probably be kicked by 7pm.

6:36pm: "There is a halftime show."

6:37pm: We can't decide if we're at a design trivia show or a spectacles show. For reference:

6:42pm: Team names are being announced and there's a Team Le Corbusier. They're all wearing circular black glasses as a tribute.

6:46pm: The sample question is being shown and it's the Eiffel Tower. If anyone gets this wrong we suggest they automatically get kicked out.

6:47pm: Questions you can answer: What is it? Who designed that? When was it designed? Where is it? And then there's a bonus question.

6:48pm: When the judges have something to say they have to make a duck sound, so there's that.

6:51pm: Smart phones are being collected. Participants are groaning about this. If a phone rings a judge gets to answer it.

6:52pm: First question is a structure and the bonus question is "in what plaza is this building located?" It's the Pantheon in Rome.


6:56pm: The second question is the Mona Lisa, and the bonus question is to know the painting's real name. It's La Gioconda or La Jocande.

7:00pm: The third question is a Birkenstock. The bonus question is where is the USA HQ, which you can find the answer to here because it's a badass building that we've profiled before. (Psstt... it's Novato.)

7:07pm: Partcipants are arguing about where Saarinen's Tulip Table is located. "MOMA" isn't cutting it. (It's in Bloomfield Hills, MI.) People are getting really upset that Knoll the showroom doesn't count as where it's located. HEATED.

7:14pm: The first "other" question is for the lightbulb. If any team misses this we're demanding that they leave.

7:20pm: Question six is the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut designed by Le Corbusier.



Bonus points if you can name its real name.

7:25pm: (It's Cloud Gate.)

7:27pm: We'd like to point out that the team with the most points is working on their second bottle of wine. MAGIC JUICE!

7:35pm: The final question of the first round is to identify this:

7:47pm: The game's on break so here's a gallery of kittens and puppies:

7:53pm: Aaaand we're back. The first question in the second round is the Transamerica Pyramid. When the answers were revealed there were groans from the crowd. If a team missed naming this building we suggest they automatically get ejected.

8:07pm: The second round of this game is super hard. The room went quiet when this Model T Ford was question 14.

8:11pm: We're on question 16 and three teams are tied for first! If there's a tie in the end we suggest the team that can build a model of the Transamerica Pyramid using only foam core, Elmer's glue and a razor first gets the trophy.

8:14pm: One of the contestants (from a team tied for 1st) just stood up and corrected the judges about the location of Andy Warhol's 32 Campbell's Soup Cans. It's not at the MOMA, it's at The Andy Warhol Museum. BURN.

8:22pm: We're taking a break between question 19 and 20.

8:27pm: The final question is to identify the Bay Lights art exhibit on the Bay Bridge. People are FREAKING OUT.

8:34pm: TEAM CORBUSIER is the WINNER with a total of 76 points! Congrats, guys. Enjoy your trophy.

8:44pm: The winners! Team Corbusier. Thanks for playing and watching. Have a great night.