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Drama in Potrero Hill and Dogpatch Love at This Week's Planning Commission

Welcome to City Hall Roundup, where we follow-up on the Board of Supervisor and Planning Commission votes of the week. We sit through the hearings so you don't have to. Did we miss an item you're curious about? Let us know in the comments!

The Board of Supervisors are on break for the month of August, so here's the happenings from the Planning Commission:

DOGPATCH: Turns out the building to be demolished in favor of the 2290 3rd Street project was found to be a contributing to the historic resource in the Central Waterfront Historic Survey, but it's demo won't cause an impact and they threw in some mitigation (documentation of the old building and an interpretive display in the new one). After that was ironed out, the commissioners were impressed by all the support from the neighborhood and the project was approved unanimously.

POTRERO HILL: Lots of folks showed up to express their distaste for the 480 Potrero project, with a lot more attention given to the historic Verdi Club next door and how the project will affect that building. After a boatload of public comment, the environmental appeal was denied and the tweaked design was eventually approved.