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Dueling Videos Use Local Celebrities to Fight Over 8 Washington

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The battle royale over the 8 Washington development project has moved on to a new media, with each side producing two-minute campaign videos. As you recall, to counter a ballot measure opposing the project's special 136 ft waterfront height limit, the project's sponsors have been working to collect 10,000 signatures to get a competing measure on the ballot that allows voters to decide on the project in its entirety. The video from the project's support group Open Up the Waterfront shows opening up the space to the public instead of its current use as a private club. It features a slew of cameos, including Planning Commission President Rodney Fong, some SF firefighters, and, most randomly, celebrity chef Michael Chiarello. Not to be outdone, the opponents (dramatically titling themselves No Wall on the Waterfront) issued their own video narrated by former SF Mayor Art Agnos comparing the effect of the project's height and mass to the former Embarcadero Freeway. Curb your snark, Curbed readers - both YouTube videos have disabled comments.

From the project supporters:

From the project opponents:

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