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Tiny Potrero Hill Edwardian Gets Sent to the Chopping Block

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Was: $749,000
Now: $699,000
You save: $50,000 Dearest readers, why can't this 2-bed, 2-bath single-family home in Potrero Hill catch a break? The abode last sold in 2007 for $725K, and the neighborhood median list price is $899K, so the asking prices aren't stretching it. Let's talk cons. This home's backyard is against a freeway, there appears to be no garage or parking, and it clocks in at a finished 837 square feet. That said, the listing tells us that it's "much larger than tax records," so who knows. Pros: it's an Edwardian jewel box, there's three outdoor spaces, and there's a few bonus rooms (including a den upstairs).
· 1434 Kansas [official site]