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480 Potrero and Its "Scenic Vista" Back Before Planning

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Last month we brought the drama brewing down in Potrero Hill over the 480 Potrero project. As you recall, the proposal includes a six-story, 77 unit residential building on a vacant lot, but was appealed due to objections over the "adverse effect on a scenic vista," inevitable increase in population, and discord with the "character with the neighborhood." Curbed readers had some choice opinions on the appeal, but the Planning Commission didn't end up voting on it. Instead they directed the project sponsor make some aesthetic changes to the design. The 480 Potrero folks obliged, reducing the mass adjacent to the Verdi Club with a six foot setback, removing two units to reduce the area by more than 500 sq.ft., setting the windows and doors back more within the facades, reducing the height of the bays, and adjusting window scale. No word yet on the appellant's take on the new tweaks, but the Planning Department seems happy so they recommend rejecting the appeal and approving the project. · 480 Potrero Ave case report (pdf) [SF Planning]
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