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Floating Box Mixed Use Development Coming to the Dogpatch

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A new development down in the Dogpatch is up before the Planning Commission tomorrow – 2290 3rd Street would demo an existing commercial building and parking lot to make way for a new six-story mixed-use building. The 71 residential units will range from studios to three-bedrooms, with 1,700 sq.ft. of ground floor retail. There will be 48 residential garage parking spaces and ground floor along 3rd Street will be split up into six 17-foot tall townhome style units. Originally the project was slated to be seven stories with 52 units, but that was abandoned in favor of the new floating box design by Kennely Architecture & Planning (of Twitter co-founder home and Parcel P site fame). Project sponsors opted to meet the affordable housing requirement onsite, so 11 of the units will be BMR. So far Planning has received eight letters of support for the project and no letters of opposition, so things look good. · Large Project Authorization – 2290 3rd Street (pdf) [SF Planning]
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