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Town School Renovations Include Living Wall, Lots of Glass

The Town School for Boys as it currently stands doesn't exactly fit in with the posh Pacific Heights architecture that surrounds it, and many regard it to be somewhat of an eyesore. Anyone who has passed by recently will have noticed construction crews buzzing about the campus, and the changes set to be made are definitely substantial. The dated facade will be upgraded by MKThink Architecture to include more glass, a green wall a la Drew School, and even a sundial built in to the glass above the building's entrance. Inside, changes will be even more dramatic, with over 70% of the interior being reconfigured and renovated. In the meantime, the private school's students will have to attend class at the old Exploratorium down in the marina. Construction on the "core building project" will proceed in phases from now until next summer, with full build out of the project to be finished at a date still to be determined.

The campus now:

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