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Here Now, 650 California Lobby Renderings Galore

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A couple of months ago we looked in to the work going on at 650 California, which was once the tallest building in San Francisco. Though we knew what was going on, the only images we could find of the project were the ones plastered on the construction hoardings, which means the pictures we featured were less than stellar. But today we've got what you all wanted to see from the get go: crystal clear renderings of a sleek modern lobby. The décor is minimalist to say the least, with few needless accoutrements. The expanded lobby will be encased in glass, bringing in natural light to a previously dark entrance. There's no word on when exactly the lobby will be completed, but since work has been going on for a few months already, it's hard to imagine it'll continue past the holidays.
· 650 California Undergoing Lobby Facelift to Attract Tech Crowd [Curbed SF]