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"A few points, here:
1) The people who have long-term residences faced the same high prices when they moved in. In 1985, for example, the rent that person paid almost undoubtedly stretched 1985's resources. Those people aren't punishing current renters, they're just yesterday's current renters, benefiting from stabilization laws.
2) Landlords can (and most often do) perform routine maintenance, and can petition the rent board for capital improvement rent increases if major repairs are necessary, thereby recouping those costs.
3) My understanding is that condos are covered by rent control--if the units were built before 1979. Having that cutoff date incentivizes new construction, thereby increasing the rental base. Good, no?
4) People who cheat the ordinance should be treated like any other law-breakers, and often are. You sublet without permission, gouge roommates as the master tenant, or break any other lease laws, the Rent Board can, will, and should give you the business--up to and including fines and eviction.
As for being "conflicted" AFTER you purchase property, that's just cognitive dissonance at its finest. Give thanks that rent control helped provide a stable cost for saving toward a down payment. Don't suddenly change sides after you've gotten all you can from it." - hamsoda [Two Sides to Every Story: A Sympathetic View of San Francisco Landlords]