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What's the Status of Potrero Hill's Daggett Place?

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From the Curbed inbox:

Any new information on the David Baker-designed mixed use complex called Daggett Place (aka Archstone Potrero)? Over the past few years we've brought you the David Baker designs for the Daggett Place project, which includes 450 rental units, a restaurant, stores, and light-industrial space. Its been in the works since 2003, but the last we heard was in November 2012 when the developers have proposed a 0.9 acre public park along the Daggett Street right-of-way in lieu of paying $1.88 million in project impact fees.

We checked into building permits, and it looks like they are dealing with some ground contamination issues. The existing vacant lot once housed a paint factory (which was demo'd back in the early 2000's) and the project included the removal of hazardous waste. Specifically, they had to remove a continuing source of "elevated concentration of ethylbenzene in soil and soil vapor" by excavating a 75 foot by 65 foot area to a depth of 8 feet. In November the project was issued a $1M permit (!) to remove the concrete pad foundations of the old buildings and remove the contaminated soil. Presumably this is a massive undertaking that will take a while, though the actual building permits were issued at the same time.
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