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Handel's 340 Fremont Moves Forward in Rincon Hill

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Construction cranes dominate Rincon Hill's skyline as developers eagerly push forward with numerous proposals for glassy towers filled with expensive condos. The neighborhood is already packed full of construction crews building the 333 Fremont, 45 Lansing, One Rincon North and 201 Folsom residential projects. If all goes as planned, It seems that the next tower to go from rendering to reality will be the Handel-designed 340 Fremont. The 41 story building will clock in at 440 feet, making it a solid new addition to the growing Rincon Hill cluster. Construction will be managed by Suffolk and is expected to commence before the end of the year. Let's hope Rincon Hill residents can handle the sound of pile driving and jackhammering for quite a while longer, since this most recent building to break ground most certainly won't be the last.
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