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Pushing for a Vintage Streetcar Line from Fort Mason to Pier 70

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[Image via Muni Diaries]
Last week we ran a piece featuring new developments on the San Francisco Waterfront. Now let's turn our attention to a transit line that could transform it even further. The "E-Embarcadero"—a vintage streetcar line that would run from the Wharf down to 4th and King—has been have talked about for years, and will become a permanent addition to our transit system once the SFMTA purchases and restores more historic rolling stock. Currently, the SFMTA is running a streetcar along the same route as the proposed E-line for the America's Cup, but the service will cease once the race is done. Today, plans for extensions to the yet to be permanent line are already gaining steam and stepping in to the spotlight. We now know that the proposed extension to Fort Mason is indeed slowly moving through the approvals process at the Department of the Interior. In addition, the Market Street Railway organization is advocating for a southern extension of the line to a newly redeveloped Pier 70 and on to a MUNI streetcar yard on Illinois. If the tunnel to Fort Mason reopens and the city agrees to let vintage streetcars run to Pier 70, San Franciscans could one day benefit from a one-seat ride between the two popular locales. Tourists and transit enthusiasts alike seem to be fans of the idea. What's your take?
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