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Victorian Fixer-Upper Hits the Market in the Mission

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Looking for a fixer-upper? Broker babble calls this a "once in a lifetime opportunity," and we have to agree. 837 South Van Ness is a once-grand Victorian located on a massive 6,000+ sq. ft. lot in the heart of the Mission. The five bedroom one bath house was built in 1870, and though it's been partially gutted, there are still some original features remaining like staircases, moulding, decorative arched entries, and original windows. Despite the mid-construction status, building permits only date back to 2000 though, so it's anybody's guess what conditions you'd be walking into. It'll take a lot of elbow grease to get this girl looking pretty again, but with the huge lot and dreamy potential garden we're imagining, it could be worth it. The house is listed for $1,395,000, but potential home buyers better budget for quite a bit extra in renovations.
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