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What's the Status of the Potrero Terrace Redevelopment?

The Potrero Terrace Redevelopment project will redesign the existing 606 units of the public housing at the current Potrero Terrace and Potrero Annex sites into a community that has 1,600 units of public, workforce and market-rate housing. As you may recall, last San Francisco was awarded a $300,000 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant to develop the Potrero Terrace plans.

Potrero Terrace on the south side of Potrero Hill was started around 1940. The thirty-three acre site, bounded roughly by Cesar Chavez and Pennsylvania Avenues, was designed with winding roads that broke the traditional city grid to hug the hillsides. Instead, the curvy and diagonal grids isolate their residents from the greater neighborhood. The new redevelopment plan aims to integrate the neighborhood with more physical and social connections, an create economic opportunities for residents.

[Photos via VMWP]

Right now the project is seeking approvals from the city. This includes an Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Statement (one is for state laws, the other is for federal laws), the creation of a Special Use District, and a Development Agreement with the City. Planning has completed their first round of review of the EIR/EIS, which hsould be published for public comment in late summer/early fall. The SUD will be an amendment to the Planning Code to establish density, parking, setbacks, and zoning (think open space, infrastrucutre, building heights, etc). BRIDGE Housing, who is developing the master plan with land planning and architecture firm Van Meter Williams Pollack, is also working on infrastructure plans fo things like utilities and streets.
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