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What's With Powell Street Station's Foamy Blue Ceiling?

For what seems like years now, crews have been working on the ceiling inside Powell Station. First they ripped out the old ceiling tiles and lighting, then replaced all the signage in the station, only to leave the steel support beams unfinished until relatively recently when they covered them in what looks like blue fireproofing. According to BART's website, the work is all part of a modernization project that includes improving waterproofing, removing asbestos and redesigning wayfinding signage. However, the transit agency claimed that the project was due to be completed in September of 2012, but anyone who's been inside the station recently can attest to the fact that it most definitely looks unfinished. Rest assured though, it appears that BART does indeed plan to tidy up the ceiling, as tiny renderings on the project designer's webpage confirm that a classier look is on the way. With some luck, the eventual completion of the work in the exchange hall should coincide with the installation of snazzy new countdown clocks down on the MUNI platform level.
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