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Curbed Comparisons: Pet-Friendly Apartments Edition

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For such a dog-friendly city, San Francisco's real estate market seems to have a real grudge against pets. We've heard of landlords turning down a full year of rent in cash up front because the applicant had a dog. Landlords like this are not just fringe animal-haters; unfortunately, they seem to be in the majority. And in today's bull market, they can have their way.

Of the 225 apartments for listed for rent for $4,000/month or less on Craigslist today, only 35 are pet-friendly. Translation: only about 15% of the apartments on SF's rental market today are pet friendly. What exactly does this mean for pet owners? For this special edition of Curbed Comparisons, we are showing you the harsh reality: what a pet-owner versus non-pet-owner can get in the same neighborhood.

Although landlords with staunch no-pet policies usually can't be swayed by the offer of extra cash in exchange for a furry roommate, the fact of the matter is that pet-friendly apartments are usually more expensive than comparable no-pets apartments. Just how much more expensive depends, but our research shows that it can be as much as $400/month -- more than the average cost of a parking space.

Let's look at a couple of one bedroom apartments in the $2,700/month range in the Mission as an example.

? This one bedroom is a steal: $2,495/month, located near Valencia and 17th, with hardwood and a dishwasher. Naturally, it doesn't allow pets.

? This one bedroom, going for $2,695/month, is a little further down Valencia, but it has beautiful corner bay windows, hardwood, and some more modern appliances in the kitchen. It also does not allow pets.

? Finally, this one bedroom, listed at $2,595/month, has a large, fully remodeled kitchen, hardwood throughout, and laundry in the building. It does not allow pets either.

? Now, for the pet-owners. Your most-comparable option in the neighborhood is this one bedroom, which is going for $2,795/month. There's hardwood throughout and the kitchen, while teeny-tiny, is remodeled. There's a dishwasher and laundry on-site.

? If you've got a little extra to spend, pet owners can also bring their furry friends to this one bedroom, which is going for $2,895/month. Its kitchen is also tiny, but remodeled with stainless appliances. The bedroom is also more separated from the living room, making it feel larger. The price difference speaks volumes: pet-owners should be prepared to spend $100-$400 more per month in order to get an apartment of the same caliber as a non-pet-owner.

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