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Checking in on the FiDi's Historic Hallidie Building

After a painstaking thirty-month renovation that ended last April, the Hallidie Building is back to being the crown jewel of Sutter Street. Our last update gave you a glimpse in to the building's past, now check out what what it looks like today, and most likely what it looked like when it was first built in 1918. The building's detailing and refreshed blue and gold paint are enough to make anyone interested in architecture pause for a moment to admire its grandeur. Passersby will also notice the Cal flag that sits atop the building, explaining the edifice's unorthodox color scheme. Before the renovation, the building's colors had faded to a pale green, and all of the decorative metal the base and on the cornice were so deteriorated that they needed to be covered in protective netting. Thankfully, today the structure with the first glass-curtain wall in the United States looks so fresh that one might think it was finished yesterday.
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