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Neighbors Angry About Micro-Unit Development in Berkeley

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Over in Berkeley, neighbors are furious about a proposed five-story building that would house 70 micro-units—a trend that San Franciscans are on the fence about. Fifteen neighbors who live near the site voiced their concern at a recent zoning board meeting and said that the developers had been "very bad neighbors" and that the development is "a resident hall stuck at the end of a very residential neighborhood." Zoning commissioners said they'd be okay with more family-sized units and and a shorter building to help it blend in with the neighborhood. One commissioner isn't sure that the size—which range from 307 to 344 square feet—would work in Berkeley, but that "just about anything is better than a vacant building there." Commissioner Sophie Hahn was a little more harsh. Berkeleyside reports that she "took issue with the concept of micro-units, saying she didn't see them offering a healthy lifestyle to students or other tenants. She criticized the designs, calling them "penitentiary housing," and said there wasn't enough room for exercise, cooking, intimacy or other types of enriching activities." She added: "It's a bleak, lonely, unhealthy life that I would have a lot of trouble endorsing." Dang, Sophie. Tell us how you really feel.
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