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What's Going to Happen to the Temporary Transbay Terminal?

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From the Curbed inbox:

I was curious, what will become of the temporary Transbay Terminal once the new one is complete? Are there development plans set? The SOMA block bound by Howard, Main, Folsom, and Beale Streets is acting as the Temporary Transbay Bus Terminal until the new Transbay Tower opens in 2017. In its place will go a few residential towers and brand new city park. Want to see what they'll look like? Though there are many development plans in the works for the surrounding blocks, this one's plans are a little bit more up in the air. The large block housing the temporary terminal will be split into three (Transbay Blocks 2, 3, and 4, specifically). Block 2 on the south will feature residential townhouses, zoned to stagger between 50', 80', and 165' high. Right now they're planned for both affordable and market rate housing, but the request for proposals won't go out until 2015 so there's no designs. Similarly, Block 4 will be residential mixed housing, but this block along Howard is zoned for a 450' tower. Proposals for that site also won't go out until 2015. Block 3 in the middle will be converted into a new 1.1 acre recreational open space named the Transbay Park. It'll feature an elliptical shaped plaza, a water wall feature, and "sculptural" green topography.

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