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Another Modern Pile for Noe Valley's Duncan Street?

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As if Noe Valley didn't already have enough homes getting top-to-bottom makeovers, renderings have appeared of a future abode that is poised to be among the most modern homes in the neighborhood. Plans are slowly coming together for a brand new three-story edifice on Duncan Street between Castro and Newburg designed by Edmonds+Lee Architects. Currently in the permitting process, the building will occupy a narrow lot sandwiched between a humble wood-shingled cottage and the 4.5-bed mega mansion at 625 Duncan that sold in 2008 for over $5,800,000. According to the architects, the home will be covered in "generous glazing" in order to maximize views of the city skyline. At the rear, the hillside will be excavated in order to make room for a small yard protected by a large retaining wall. Inside, the decor is unapologetically modern but perhaps a tad monochromatic, arguably pining for a splash of color. While it's sure to please those with a penchant for buildings with a stark and unembellished aesthetic, we're not too sure how the neighbors will react to such a noticeable new addition to the street.
· 625 Duncan[Trulia]
· Edmonds+Lee Architects[Edmonds+Lee Architects]

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