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A Slice of the Hamilton in the Tenderloin for Under 500K

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The latest edition to Curbed's very fabulous Under 500K Club is unit #1406 at the Hamilton in the Tenderloin. The studio clocks in at 520 square feet and was recently remodeled with all sorts of modern bells and whistles, like concrete countertops in the kitchen and a completely customized walk-in closet. It's also an alcove studio, and the bedroom area is sectioned off from the main living space via a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. The bathroom was recently outfitted with new tile, light fixtures, and plumbing hardware. Asking price? $419,000. Building amenities include a ballroom, patio, fitness center, 24-hour security, and a very grand lobby. Want parking? You're going to have to be wait listed. Monthly HOA dues are $505.
· 631 Ofarrell, #1406 [Redfin]