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MTA Wants Your Opinion on Muni Service Effectiveness (or Lack Thereof)

Looking for some light bedtime reading? The SFMTA's epic 1,356 page Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) Draft Environmental Impact Report is available and the City is looking for public comments. The TEP is a detailed analysis of existing travel patterns and a comprehensive review of Muni service options, in an effort to make Muni "more convenient, reliable and attractive to existing and potential customers." Proposals within the document include service policy framework, service improvements (new routes, changing frequency, etc), service-related capital projects (infrastructure, terminals), and travel time reduction proposals (transit-only lanes, boarding islands, etc). It's a lot to digest, but pretty much every SF resident has their own view on Muni service and how to make it better. If you're interested in voicing your opinion, the Planning Commission is holding a public hearing tomorrow at City Hall. Comments can also be submitted in writing through September 17.

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