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The Trimmed 350 Mission Building Looking to Grow Tall Again

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Back in 2010, plans emerged for new SOM-designed high rise at 350 Mission. Originally slated for 27 stories, the mixed-use office and retail tower was later trimmed down to 24 stories and was approved by the Planning Commission in 2011. Speed ahead to last December, and agreed to rent the entire building. Looks like everyone wanted a bit more breathing room, as now the developer is back looking for approval to add up to six more floors to the project. If approved, the building could stand up to 30 stories and 424 feet tall, with 420,000sq.ft. of office, 5,400sq.ft. of retail, and 9,650sq.ft. of public open space. There's no final word on how many extra stories they'll build, as that'll be based on "the anticipated needs of the building's sole tenant."

[Photos via Kilroy]

The project was approved before the adoption of the Transit Center District Plan. Back then the project was subject to a certain floor area ratio limit, meaning it could only be built to a certain height. The TCDP ended up eliminating that limit, so now the project can build taller. The four-story building originally on the site was demo'd back in February, and construction is already underway on excavation, shoring, and foundation work.

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