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Gardens at the Presidio Lodge Site on the Main Post?

The open lot surrounded by green fencing seen above is none other than the site of the proposed Presidio Lodge, a project that has been surrounded by much controversy and delay. Recently, crews took down the boxy nondescript building that occupied the space, giving everybody on the Main Post a beautiful view of the canary palms lining Graham Street. A peek over the fence does not, however, reveal any heavy construction equipment nor any indication that work will commence on any major project soon. What's there is a large expanse of dirt sectioned off in distinct parts, which looks very reminiscent of the beginnings of a community garden à la Hayes Valley Farm. Could the Presidio be home to SF's newest edible garden? Information on the lot is very scarce, as there are no signs on the fences mentioning what's happening, nor is there a description of the project on the presidio website, not even in the Trust's 2013-2014 project rundown. Whatever is going on there, it's certainly nice to have the building gone.

A peek over the construction fencing

The previous occupant of the site
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