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UCSF Drafts Plans for the Future of its Parnassus Campus

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UCSF's brand new campus and new Benioff Hospital at Mission Bay seem to be getting the brunt of the attention these days, but the University is hard at work crafting plans for the future of the main campus on Parnassus Avenue. The focus of the project will be to downsize the amount of space that the university occupies in accordance with a space ceiling put in place in the campus' 1976 plan. UCSF plans to convert multiple educational buildings to housing and demolish and rebuild the obsolete Moffitt Hospital. As shown in the plan posted above taken from a presentation on the project, up to ten buildings could be torn down, most in favor of open space or housing. In addition, the University wants to improve the streetscape on Parnassus and give the campus a more unified identity. Indeed, change is in the air at UCSF. Now if only they could do something about those less-than-stellar parking garages on Irving.
· UCSF Long Range Development Plan[UCSF]
· Benioff Hospital at Mission Bay[UCSF Mission Bay Hospitals]

UCSF Hospital

505 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, California