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French Will Soon Say Au Revoir to Pacific Heights Abode

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According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the French government is selling the residence of the consul-general at 2570 Jackson in Pacific Heights with the hopes of getting big bucks for the property. The French are also selling off other land holdings across the globe as they downsize and reconfigure their real estate portfolio. The decision to let go of the property is very recent, and there's no word yet on when exactly the property will hit the market or how much it will be asking. Perhaps the French are trying to cash in on the booming Bay Area property market and hope to sell to some nouveau riche Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. If the $13,000,000 sales price for 2504 Jackson just a few homes down from the consular residence is any indication of what the 1920's abode could fetch, the property's sale should certainly help balance the nation's foreign relations budget.
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