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More Tiled Steps in Store for Golden Gate Heights

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The intricate mosaic staircase at 16th and Moraga is a popular spot in Golden Gate Heights that draws locals and tourists alike, but soon it won't stand alone as the pride and joy of the neighborhood. Just a short walk away over at 16th between Lawton and Kirkham, you'll find the "Hidden Garden Steps," a long, nondescript set of stairs that cuts through the hillside. Despite what their name suggests, it appears that the steps won't exactly be "hidden" for much longer. The same community team responsible for the Moraga Mosaic Steps has partnered with the San Francisco Parks Alliance as well as the Department of Public Works' "Street Parks" program to completely transform the plain passage into a colorful local landmark. Donations are being still being accepted to help fund the project, which should be completed mid-to-late 2014.
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