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Linea on Market Street Releases Renderings, Floorplans

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We already know that pricing for units at Linea will be from $479,000 to $1,295,483, so now it's time to see the building's interiors (and roof deck!) in all its rendered glory. There are 115 condos in the building, and floorplans for each unit are now up on the Linea's website. Yesterday we showed you a pricing teaser, which puts the cheapest unit, a 450 square foot studio, at $479K. The most expensive is a 1,100 square foot two bedroom with parking that's asking $1,295,483. There are two studios, 59 one bedrooms, and 54 two bedrooms. After the jump, a select number of floorplans.

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1960 Market Street, San Francisco, CA