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Strikingly Modern Design Released for Rincon Hill's 325 Fremont

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The dilapidated structures and vacant lot at 325 Fremont have sat undeveloped for over a decade, and plans for a rather homely 22-story tower designed by Baum Thornley Architects at the site had been fully approved, but never came to fruition. A while back, we heard that Crescent Heights, the developers behind NEMA in Mid-Market and 45 Lansing under construction just up the hill, had acquired the fully entitled site. However, rather than move forward with the original design, Crescent Heights sent it it back to the drawing board. What's now in the works is a strikingly modern 250 foot 25-story residential tower designed by Handel Architects with 118 units, up from 70 in the previously approved iteration of the project. No word yet on when the new proposal will be approved or when construction is set to start. What do you say readers, is the new design an appropriate addition to rapidly changing Rincon Hill?
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