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Transbay Developers and City Duke it Out Over Park Maintenance

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Transbay's massive rooftop park has yet to be built, but is already causing serious drama. We know now that costs for the transit center itself are steadily on the rise, but the money issues don't stop there. Property developers Hines and Boston Properties, who will be taking on the construction of the tallest tower in San Francisco, say they aren't prepared to shell out what's necessary to fund the maintenance of the park above the transit center, despite the fact that it will be directly connected to their tower. The City believes that it shouldn't bear responsibility for the costs, since the park will directly benefit property developers in the area. Though not entirely opposed to funding some of the park's maintenance, Hines and Boston Properties are apprehensive about being on the hook for funding more than what they consider to be a fair share of the expenditures. Whether or not they end up paying for all of the maintenance, it's clear that the city will work long and hard find to funding alternatives, since new parks are always maintained at no cost to City Hall. In any case, rest assured that there's plenty more Transbay-induced wrangling to come, be it about parks, cladding or costs.
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