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Forget a Gym Membership, Head to Dogpatch's Espirit Park

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We all love Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, but did you know San Francisco has over 220 parks and open spaces? Curbed SF wants to bring fame and glory to some of the smaller, lesser-known parks, and we're doing so with our series Park Life. Each week we'll spotlight a different San Francisco park or open space, and bring you all the details you need to plan a visit.

Located in the Dogpatch is the one square block Espirit Park. Fully protected by large trees (many of which are Redwoods) on all sides, the park provides a peaceful refuge from the nearby freeway and industrial hustle and bustle. The dichotomy of the blue-collar past located next to the loft-style conversions and new construction help this park become an all-day hub of activity. Where it's located: By Minnesota and Indiana streets on the east and west, and between 19th and 20th to the north and south.

What it features: The park consists primarily of a large perimeter of trees encircling a gravel pathway and a central green lawn. There are several exercise stations located along the path, and scattered benches throughout the area.

How to get there: Take the T light rail line down Third St and walk the final two blocks, or take the 22 Fillmore line to get a block closer.

Dogs allowed: Per usual, the sign states "leash only" but no one was obeying.

Don't miss: A chance for a free workout. There is a walking/jogging path that runs a circle around the park and offers multiple workout stations, including rings, pull-up bars, and dip bars. A couple of laps through that para course and you'll be glad you abandoned that "New Year's special" you signed up for at your local gym.
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