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Plans For Presidio Commissary Step Into the Limelight

The Presidio Commissary off Crissy Field, currently home to a Sports Basement, is about to undergo a radical transformation. The Presidio Trust has officially narrowed down its options for the site to just three different concepts, and they want your opinions on the many changes that are to come. One proposal that has garnered lots of attention is George Lucas' Cultural Arts Museum, which would showcase different works of art and include interactive exhibits "weaving together art and science curricula." Another proposal called the the Bridge/Sustainability Institute, rendered above, imagines a place dedicated to exploring "the critical social, economic and environmental issues of our time." Finally, if chosen, the "Presidio Exchange" would create a cultural center focused on promulgating Bay Area culture. Fortunately, no matter which option is selected, it's clear that all will have killer views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, which is reason enough for us to want pay a visit to any one of them. That said, readers, which proposal seems most intriguing thus far?

The Presidio Trust wants everyone interested in the process to come to the Observation Post at 211 Lincoln Boulevard between July 29th and July 31st, to learn about the proposals, meet the project teams, and voice their views on the proposals to help the Trust determine which is the best fit for the former military base turned National Recreation Area.

Promotional image for the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum:

Rendering of the Presidio Exchange:

· Former Commissary Site at Crissy Field [The Presdio]

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