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Only the Highest Bidder Will Get This Hayes Valley Rental

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You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that San Francisco's rental market is absolutely bonkers right now, and of course landlords and property management companies are fueling the hysteria by raising their rents by an astronomical rate. Today, a reader alerted us to a landlord sinking to a particularly low level. You see, there's a perfectly fine—dare we say charming—one bedroom in Hayes Valley that's "quiet" and "cozy" being advertised for rent on craigslist. The listing says that "$1500 is the asking price for the place. We are going to be holding an auction - With the lucky tenant being notified by 8PM on Saturday." Interested parties are then directed to a Google Document where they can add their email address for notification and answer the multiple choice question of "How much are you willing to pay if the apartment is everything you cold hope for and more?" You can select between 1500 and 1750+. While we've certainly heard of bidding wars happening on site at open houses, creating your own via a craigslist rental advertisement is a new low.
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