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Officials Cut the Ribbon on Emerald Park in Rincon Hill

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A ceremony attended by Mayor Ed Lee and a bevy of reporters took place yesterday for the opening of Emerald Park, during which the Emerald Fund, the development company behind the adjacent rental building at 333 Harrison Street, gifted the park to the city and relinquished all rights to the space. Despite being hidden behind huge, hideous metal fences, the park provides a small oasis of greenery amid a slew of gleaming new towers on Rincon Hill, and though it's not exactly as inviting or lush as Golden Gate Park or Alamo square, it fulfills its role as a place where Rincon Hill residents can come lay in the grass under some trees and relax. However, as the Mayor rightly pointed out, the space should be much more serene when construction noise emanating from the surrounding neighborhood subsides and is replaced only by the sound of birds and kids having fun in the soon to be built playground. - Dylan Pilaar