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Planning Looks into "Formula Retail Controls Today and Tomorrow"

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With Starbucks and Chipotle both getting denied, there's been lots of hubbub over formula retail at the Planning Commission lately. New measures for Upper Market Street recommend disapproval of any project that brings the concentration of formula retail within 300 feet of the subject property to 20% or greater, and a new proposal would require that any formula retail use on Third Street between Williams Avenue and Egbert Avenue get authorization, even if it previously operated as formula retail. In attempts to create a citywide plan instead of these neighborhood-specific policies, the Planning Department was asked back in 2011 to review and analyze planning controls for formula retail uses in San Francisco. Their recommendation? The issue of formula retail needs to be further studied. They did produce a ton of research on the topic however and it's all available online, if formula retail control is the kind of thing you're into.
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