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The Appeals Never End for the 706 Mission/Mexican Museum Project

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Man, those Four Seasons neighbors won't give up easily. After a (failed) appeal of the environmental review certification and a threatened ballot referendum over the 706 Mission/Mexican Museum project, the neighbor group is now trying an appeal of the Historic Preservation Commission's approval of rehab to the Aronson Building. As you recall, the Handel Architects-designed project calls for interior and exterior rehabilitation of the Aronson Building and new construction of a 47-story, 480'-tall tower with up to 215 residential units and The Mexican Museum, and neighbors are pissed about the height of the tower and the increase in density (despite their own 430-foot tall Four Seasons tower). The HPC had jurisdiction over the work to the landmark building, and approved it back in May. Since the previous attempts by appellants to thwart the project at every turn have failed, they are now claiming the tower is out of scale with the landmark and the nearby New Montgomery/Mission Street conservation district - despite the HPC giving it the a-ok. What do you think readers, can they find anything else to appeal?
· Appeal of the Historic Preservation Commission's Decision on a Major Permit to Alter - 706 Mission Street (pdf) [SFBOS]
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Mexican Museum

706 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA