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Pricing Released for Lofts at Seven, Plus New Renderings

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Back in May we showed you the newest development at 277 Golden Gate Ave, known as the Lofts at Seven. Formerly the home to KGO-TV Channel 7's West Coast broadcasting facilities, Dolmen Property Group transformed the building into 88 loft and studio rentals. Many Curbed commenters were suspicious of the hood, thinking new residents would have trouble blending with the current folks on the street. The building is spitting distance from many of the new Market Street tech offices like Twitter, Yammer, and Square, and the newly released rental prices reflect that. - Writer Studio – Approx. 300 sq ft; Priced from $1,550

- Reporter Junior 1 Bedroom – Approx. 500 sq ft; Priced from $1,850

- Broadcaster Loft – Approx. 430 sq ft; Priced from $2,100

- Director Loft – Approx. 650 sq ft; Priced from $2,350

Definitely cheaper than some of the crazy rents in the city but comparable to other micro-units hitting the market, these seem targeted towards the inevitable influx of tech workers.

Tours of the building will be available starting in mid-July.

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The Lofts At Seven

277 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA