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CEQA Compromise Happiness & SFSU Tunnels at This Week's Board of Supervisors Meeting

Welcome to Curbed's City Hall Roundup, where we follow-up on the Board of Supervisor and Planning Commission votes of the week. We sit through the hearings so you don't have to. Did we miss an item you're curious about? Let us know in the comments!

Planning Commission hearing video wasn't available yet, so here's the happenings from the Board of Supervisors:

CITYWIDE: Supervisor Wiener called the CEQA appeals process "like the wild west", and hopes the newly approved legislation will help. The new rules are a compromise with all the proposals, clearing up when and how to appeal CEQA determinations. Everyone was happy, with Sup. Kim signing on as a co-sponsor to Wiener's plan, and it passed unanimously.

SFSU:A new underground pedestrian tunnel at SFSU passed unanimously without discussion. It'll connect the main campus to a new recreation and wellness center on the north side near Lowell High School.