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Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Lists Noe Valley Digs

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Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and his wife Sara purchased 313 Duncan in Noe Valley back in 2009 for $2.4M. The 5-bed, 5.5-bath abode designed by Owen Kennerly was listed yesterday with a price tag of $2.995M. Since the Williams clan had plans to move to Parnassus Heights, it seems inevitably that they'd put their Noe Valley home on the market. They had originally planned to demolish another house they owned over in Parnassus Heights at 226 Edgewood Avenue to make way for a brand spankin' new home to be designed by Lundberg Design, but neighbors aggressively opposed the project, going as far to send over 300 letters to the Planning Department voicing their concern. "We don't want nouveau riches McMansions sprouting up all over our ridges," read one letter penned by a neighbor a few blocks away. No word yet on where the Williams plan on calling home next. 313 Duncan highlights include a private guesthouse in the swank backyard, and a roof deck that offers up views galore.
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795 Folsom St Ste 600, San Francisco, CA 94107