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SPUR Explores the Good, Bad & Ugly of Historic Preservation

San Francisco should honor its architectural history, but not at the expense of embracing growth and change, according to the latest issue of The Urbanist,? an SF-focused magazine published by the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR). The current issue takes on the contentious subject of historic preservation —also the subject of a hefty policy paper recently issued by SPUR—through a survey of 14 projects that create "New Life for Old Buildings" through: adaptive reuse (same old building; brand new use) like's takeover of the Armory; incorporating elements of a old building into the new one like the African Hall at the Academy of Sciences; or juxtaposing a new building that relates to but doesn't imitate historic architecture, as at Daniel Liebeskind's Contemporary Jewish Museum. The issue also includes the latest in a series of "Field Notes" about unique San Francisco places and a profile of the founder of Oakland's Popuphood. SPUR's 1000+ members get a real live print edition of the magazine, but for the less committed urbanists among you, all feature articles are available online.
? The Urbanist, July 2013 issue [SPUR]
? Report on Planning for Historic Preservation in San Francisco [SPUR]

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