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Turning Hayes Valley's Alleys into Pretty Pedestrian-Friendly Public Spaces

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Hot on the heels of the newest Hayes Valley development comes the plan to transform alleyways in Hayes Valley into calm and welcome pedestrian-friendly oases amongst traffic-heavy streets like Fell and Oak. Part of the Market Octavia Plan, the "Living Alley Project" aims to bring more community spaces to the area, especially since Patricia's Green is so popular and often overcrowded. With all the increased density and hundreds of new housing units becoming available soon, the neighborhood is itching for additional public open spaces.

As per the Planning Department:
Living Alley may be defined as a narrow, low-volume traffic street that is designed to focus on livability, instead of parking and traffic. Typically, this means creating a street primarily for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as space for social uses. Vehicles are typically still allowed access but with reduced speeds.

Potential "Living Alley" project locations (click to enlarge) [Photo: SF Planning Market Octavia Plan]

Sounds good to us. According to SF Streetsblog, the Planning Department held a community meeting on Tuesday where residents voiced their desire for more green spaces for public art and growing food, plus increased traffic-calming measures. The planning process, a joint effort of the Planning Department, Caltrans, SFMTA, and DPW, will continue with more neighborhood input and results are expected within the next five years.

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