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Bacon Love; CEQA Delays; Hayes Valley Housing; More!

Welcome to Curbed's City Hall Roundup, where we follow-up on the Board of Supervisor and Planning Commission votes of the week. We sit through the hearings so you don't have to. Did we miss an item you're curious about? Let us know in the comments!

HAYES VALLEY:450 Hayes was approved unanimously by the Planning Commission, who were pretty thrilled the BMRs will be on-site. Commissioner Moore slipped in a dig to her fellow commissioners, telling them they are not an architectural review body and shouldn't try to nitpick at design details. Zing!

ASHBURY HEIGHTS: Bacon love proved triumphant, as the Planning Commission unanimously approved permits for Bacon Bacon's brick-and-mortar restaurant to reopen at Ashbury Market. The hearing brought three hours of bacon-love in public testimony, and the permit was approved when the owner agreed to install an air filtration system and load the food truck at the business's second location at Brick & Mortar in the Mission District.

WEST PORTAL: There was also lots of La Boulange love for their new West Portal location, with Planning Commissioners lauding the project sponsor for working with the neighborhood and merchant groups. Commissioner Sugaya just wanted to make sure the formula retail approval wouldn't extend to parent company starbucks. It passed unanimously with everyone happy to fill a vacant space, hoping it may inspire others to move in (Commissioner Antonini specifically requested a bar & grill to move in so he can eat and drink while watching Giants games - someone get to work on that).

CITYWIDE: keep holding your breathe, the CEQA reform debates were continued until the next Board of Supervisors hearing on July 16.