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Hottest Trainer Contest; Four Uniqlos Incoming; Racked 38 Updated; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where SF Racked Editor Kristen Philipkoski shares the best fashion and retail news of the week.

SAN FRANCISCO—Racked is hosting its inaugural hottest trainer contest, and we need your help! We want to know about that person—whether he or she is a master of yoga, weights, spinning, whatever—who keeps you coming back to the gym, even when the night before was a little too much fun, or the baby woke up five times. Send tips to Don't worry, we'll keep your crush a secret.

BAY AREA—Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo is making it very clear that have a major crush on us: of the 10 new retail stores they're opening in the U.S. this fall, four will be in the SF Bay Area.

EVERYWHERE—From our Editor's Picks, we bring you the perfect overnight bag, a very ladylike swimsuit, wonderfully petroleum-free lip balm, the best face cleanser for travel, the yoga mat that will outlive you, and lots more.

SAN FRANCISCO—It's that time again: we've updated the 38 best shopping experiences in San Francisco for summer 2013. Did we miss (or axe) your favorite retail haunt? Let us know!

SAN FRANCISCO—Levi's has a new line of jeans coming out called Revel, which the company promises will give you a better butt and thighs.

SAN DIEGO—Are you headed to Comic Con, the biggest event of the year on a dedicated geek's social calendar? We've got your go-to spots for costume shopping, be they of the furry or shiny ilk.

SAN FRANCISCO—It's summertime, and fog or no fog, it's time to get some color up in that wardrobe. These six print dresses will make you feel super hot, even if you need a sweater.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Clary Sage Organics on Fillmore is closing its doors for good this weekend and you know what that means: a giant sale on their luxe yoga wear and wellness supplies. They're even selling the furniture and fixtures.

SAN FRANCISCO—Restoration Hardware is launching a clothing line. Finally, your outfit can match your kitchen fixtures.