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Play Streets Starts this Saturday; Transbay Transit Center Facade Update

WESTERN ADDITION—The first-ever Play Streets, which is similar to Sunday Streets, is happening on Buchanan Street between Turk and Eddy, and Larch Street in the Plaza East Housing complex in the Western Addition on Saturday afternoon. This is one of four Play Streets events planned for this year. From the press release we learn that the "goal of San Francisco's Play Streets program is to teach local stakeholders how to organize their own small-scale Sunday Streets style programs so neighborhoods can organize events on their own-exponentially increasing the opportunities and benefits these kinds of programs bring to the community." [Curbed Inbox]

SOUTH BEACH—The exterior walls of the future Transbay Transit Center will feature eminent British mathematical physicist Dr. Roger Penrose's groundbreaking geometrical pattern, known as the Penrose Rhombus Tiling. The press release tells us that the "design is remarkably simple but unique because it can be extended infinitely without repeating itself. The Penrose system is deal for the perforations in the metal panels that will form the curved exterior of the Transit Center." [Curbed Inbox]