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Is this Central Sunset McMansion Worth $2.16M?

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Brokerbabble tells us that this home on 23rd Avenue is the "epitome of luxury and elegance," which we're translating to unnecessary ionic columns in the dining room and a makeshift home gym that was probably modeled after a corporate banquet room at your local Hilton. The big abode was built in 2011 and features things like "5 luxurious baths" (one of which is photographed with an awkward looking dog in it) and too much recessed lighting. In fact, there's too much of everything. Too much moulding, too much granite, too large rooms. The 5-bed, 5-bath home clocks in at 4,487 square feet and is asking $2,160,000, which is way more than half of the neighborhood average list price of $869,500. Readers, will this home find someone willing to shell out that kind of cash for this pad? Let us know in the comments!

· 1432 23rd Avenue [Redfin]