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New Muni Project Rankles Dogpatch Neighbors

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By way of a Curbed SF tipster, we've learned of some controversy stirring around a small-ish MTA project at the Central Waterfront. The proposed "Mission Bay Transit Loop" calls for a turn-around route for Muni's T-Line along Third Street using the block bounded by 18th, Illinois, and 19th streets, which would increase capacity for the long-suffering light rail line to every 4 minutes north of the turn-around versus 7.5 minutes to the south. According to our reader the plan has "rankled local residents in the Dogpatch," who unsurprisingly agree "that it would be preferable to have the loop a few blocks further south." According to the Draft Environmental Assessment Report (PDF alert!), Muni considered the alternative route but "was having none of it," leaving the booming Dogpatch business core, future residents of the 1000+ units in the neighborhood pipeline, and stakeholders of the massive Pier 70 development out in the cold. What do you think, readers: should Muni throw the Dogpatch a bone and rethink the plan? - Laura Tepper
· Mission Bay Transit Loop Project [SF MTA Project Page]