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Castro Street Project Coming in for a Check-Up

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[SF Planning (pdf)]

Back in August, the project at 376 Castro Street was approved to demo a gas station and build a 65' six-story mixed-use building with 24 residential units, and 3,000 sq.ft. of ground floor retail. The approval came with the condition that the project sponsor come back when they'd hammered out the design details, like materials, landscaping, and windows. The final design by Sternberg Benjamin Architects contains five 1br and 19 2br units, retail space on both Market and Castro streets, plus a neighborhood community room. Since it's an important street corner, the building is supposed play with a mix of terra cotta-clad and glass walls, in a mix of grays and "buff" colors (oohlala). There will be the seemingly requisite interpretation of bay windows, plus a roof terrace and balconies galore. The details have already been approved by Planning Department staff, so tomorrow is just an informational presentation to the Commission to prove they crossed their T's and dotted their I's.
· Informational Presentation - 376 Castro (pdf) [SF Planning]
376 Castro [376 Castro]